Mitzva (mit͡sˈvaמִצְוָה

Definition: an individual act of human kindness in keeping with the law. The expression includes a sense of heartfelt sentiment beyond mere legal duty, as "you shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Leviticus 19:18).

Meet the Mitzva Family

After many painful years of seemingly ineffective cocktails of pharmaceuticals, Shifra and Alex Klein, made the decision to move to a more holistic approach, trying CBD to treat their son’s Level 3 Autism (severe). Unfortunately, what they had found on the current CBD market, was less to be desired.

The Kleins were looking for transparency; knowing what’s in their oil, where it came from, how it was extracted and proper lab-testing. The family decided the only way to get safe, kosher oil for their son was to start from scratch, in their

own kitchen! It took months of research and networking before they made their own oil, and the results were immediate. Their son’s cognition, motor skills, focus and language took off! Friends and acquaintances noticed the drastic improvements and begged Shifra and Alex to make oil for their families, trusting the Klein’s integrity and kosher kitchen.

After receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback in 2017, Mitzva Wellness, the very first Kosher Certified CBD brand under the Orthodox Union, was born. 

Mitzva Wellness has grown and evolved today into a trusted brand - not only in the kosher community, but has bridged all communities, by providing safe and effective CBD options for healing. What sets Mitzva Wellness apart is the time they take to work with researchers on developing natural terpene-rich formulas that are more effective than just a basic CBD oil. Mitzva Wellness leads the industry by example, showing the power in a ‘Mitzva’ (Good Deed) by giving back 10% of monthly sales to non-profits, and offering discount programs to healthcare workers, veterans and first responders. The Klein family is dedicated to community outreach, to help break the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding cannabis/hemp use and guide families on how to access and make informed decisions regarding their healing.