Mitzva 'Sunset Terpene Tincture' is a natural, calming evening terpenes-only formula to get you settled down for the night without lethargic side effects.

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We've taken the top organic terpenes that promote a good night’s sleep among a myriad of other health benefits, and combined them into a kosher, vegan tincture. This product is a pure terpene blend with organic MCT oil, nothing else!

If you are looking for a CBD alternative that is natural and still carries many health benefits, this tincture is for you.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Organic Terpenes*

*Terpene Benefits 

• Linalool- anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, chronic pain 

• Myrecene- anti-inflammatory (enhanced with CBD) properties, analgesic , antibiotic. Pain reducer and mild sedative.

• Limonene- anti-anxiety, anti, depressant

• A pinene- anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial

• B pinene- memory aid, focus

• D carene- anti-inflammatory, memory enhancer, bone strength

• Terpinolene- anti-fungal, anti bacterial

• G terpinene- anti-fungal, anti-bacterial

• Nerilidol- antioxidant, anti fungal and antimicrobial activity

• B Caryophyllene- pain relief, anti-inflammatory

This is a highly concentrated tincture and may have a piney citrus taste. May be taken on its own, with a sip of water or pairs wonderfully with juice or tea.

Recommended use by 12/2021.

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