Kosher Certified CBD Oil - Kosher Hemp Extract

Kosher Certified CBD Oil - Kosher Hemp Extract

Shifra Klein

Introducing Mitzva, the premium kosher certified wellness brand, established for the sole purpose of providing relief and fostering the concept of ‘paying it forward’. We pride ourselves in the idea of inclusion; that clean, quality and effective care is deserved by all walks of life.

In common usage, the word ‘Mitzva’ means a "good deed".

At Mitzva, our good deed is to provide knowledge to empower you, guidance to comfort you, and products to enhance your everyday wellness. All we ask in return is you #dogoodfeelgood and pass the ‘Mitzva’ on. 

Mitzva is committed to staying up to date on the latest research and providing advanced products to meet the needs of the people. Mitzva products are small-batch, lab-tested, and chemical and cruelty-free.

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