Meet My Boss

Meet My Boss

Shifra Klein
Meet my Boss.
We all work for someone, even if we work for ourselves.

This is my Boss.
I’ve been working for him, going on 15 years, next month.

He’s been a good Boss, but a tough one.
At times, he can be demanding, needy, messy and loud. When he gets frustrated, watch out! That’s when things go flying and I must be careful not to be in the line of fire. He’s often kept me working late nights and 24 hour shifts with very few breaks.

He is my quality control. All production runs past him and he makes sure there are no corners cut and everything is above standard and effective. He let’s me know when products are up to par by looking me straight in the eye, smiling and being relaxed. When my Boss is calm and productive, that’s when I know I am on the right track.

My Boss takes good care of me and I think my loyalty proves that. I stick by him, no matter what. When he’s been sick or in the hospital after surgeries, I never leave his side. When he’s struggling and frustrated, and I have been injured during these episodes, I always hang in there because I know it will pass and together, we make the strongest team.

I don’t need to win company awards from him, get a pat on the back or even get recognized for the hard work I put in for him 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. I won’t ever leave him.

My Boss, and the other 3 underage high-ranking Executives in my home, believe in me, give me purpose and strength to keep pushing to reach my greatest potential. They believe in my mission to help others and they support the effort that that takes. They have helped me find myself They inspire me to keep learning and to keep evolving. They give me the drive to break my own set limitations and empower me to feel worthy and capable of success and growth.

Don’t you wish you worked for my Bosses?

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