Terpene or Not Terpene, That is No Question!

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Terpenes are the new black, the bee’s knees, the best thing since sliced gluten free bread…. but are terpenes a 'new thing'? If not, where have they been all our lives?

Medical studies on terpenes have been ongoing for decades and the findings are phenomenal.

Studies show that many terpenes can/are:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Increase Cognitive Functioning
  • Immune Stimulant
  • Bronchodilator
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Antidepressant
  • Pain Reliever

And the list goes on….

We can ask ourselves, If medical journals have sited these benefits since the Generation X Era, why now are we just hearing about them?

Answer: Cannabis.

Cannabis is now mainstream and has directed our attention to terpenes. Each cannabis strain is labeled as an Indica or Sativa dominant. Common misconception is that Indica (sedative) and Sativa (alertness) solely depend on if the strain is high or low in either THC or CBD.

The truth is, that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  (I just blew your mind, keep reading, it gets better!)

Cannabis strains have over 200 identified naturally occurring terpenes in them. They are aromatic organic hydrocarbons that give plants distinctive scent and taste. Each terpene also has its own therapeutic properties.

 For  example, if a cannabis strain has 3 specific dominant terpenes that have similar sedative properties (which enhance the effect of CBD or THC), you are probably looking at an Indica strain.

Now that Cannabis and Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) are in the spotlight, these incredibly healing terpenes are finally seeing the light of day and being given the credit they so deserve.

 Here at Mitzva Wellness, we are more than a Kosher CBD company. We are working hand in hand with Industry Leaders, Scientists, Researchers and Doctors who are assisting in guiding our product development from medical studies to achieve high quality effective options for healing.

All our terpenes are procured in nature and supplied by our very own partners, Mitzva D2 Custom Terpenes. All terpenes are third-party lab tested for quality and purity. The terpenes are then blended to precisely target a variety of needs, such as focus, sleep, anti-inflammation, pain management and anti-stress.

We believe in the power of the terpenes so much that in addition to our non-psychoactive CBD-rich terpene blends Good Day Formula and Good Night Formula, Mitzva Wellness now has kosher terpene tinctures without CBD for everyday use: Mitzva D2 Sunrise Tincture -  and additionally for the evening, Mitzva D2 Sunset Tincture. These Terpene blends are an excellent option for those looking for relief but are unable to take CBD. They can be taken on their own or added to enhance your current CBD routine (we like to add it to our tea!).

When it comes to terpenes, for Mitzva Wellness…. there really is no question!

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Why CBD, Why Now?

Shifra Klein

The Cannabis Sativa plant, also known as HEMP, has been around since the beginning of time. Why are we now suddenly using it to treat everything from tennis elbow to a wounded Veteran’s PTSD?

  • The legalities of Cannabis in the U.S. have recently changed. This is big news after the many decade’s old war on drugs. Even if you have no interest, its in your face, on every news channel and on every other billboard you pass driving down Sunset Blvd. 

  • There was a time, not to long ago that we wouldn’t even mention the name of the dirty evil sticky icky in public. We leaned into our buddy’s ear and would whisper the name, hoping no cops (or our parents) would know what we were up to. Now it is not only socially acceptable to partake in Cannabis derived products in public, kosher CBD has been rabbinically approved and  even my Grandma doesn’t leave the house without her vape. 

  • Now that many States can legally grow, buy and distribute Cannabis, it has also given Doctors and Scientists the green light (see what I did there) to conduct more thorough  research to explore this complex plant and its innumerable medicinal benefits. 

  • Our Country is in crisis. America is suffering from an opioid epidemic of incredible proportions. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) the U.S. is plagued with over130 overdoses on pharmaceutical drugs, EVERY SINGLE DAY. People are waking up and not only looking for a way to get their loved ones off of opiods, but to also treat their symptoms is a safer and more natural way…. Yes, I’m  referring to the green stuff.

CBD is as new as Day number 3 of Creation. How lucky are we to be of the generation that now gets to reap our harvest and enjoy all of the medical benefits of this extraordinary plant.

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Kosher Certified CBD Oil - Kosher Hemp Extract

Zev Opos

Introducing Mitzva, the premium kosher certified wellness brand

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